Superhero FAMKY 2019

“I’ll be back”, said the FAMKY-duck quoting Terminator. Superhero FAMKY 12th of September!

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Mobile student card is here!

POKA student card is now available in Pivo mobile app!

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Inquiry for Sport Tutoring

We asked you about your needs and hopes for sport tutoring. Sport tutoring is this year's pilot here in Karelian organized by POKA and SYKETTÄ. Aim of sport tutoring is to encourage students to have more active lifestyle.

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EVVK 21.5.2019

EVVK is about what POKA board has been doing for student affairs and well-being!

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POKA Council of Representatives spring meeting

POKA Council of Representative spring meeting on Monday 6th of May at 5pm in Tikkarinne small auditorium.

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Hiking at Elovaara 8 May

Next Dynamo we're enjoying time in Elovaara around a bonfire and a little hike (2,5 or 4 km). Meeting takes place at Tikkarinne parking lot at 17.

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Karelia's new sport tutors

Karelia has its first sport tutors! We had our first training yesterday organized by Student Union POKA and Sykettä Sport Services.

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Badge stiching and games on next Dynamo evening 24 April

Next Dynamo evening on Wed 24 April at Tikkarinne campus at 5-7pm. Overall badge stiching and board games.

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Come work with us!

Student Union POKA is seeking a specialist for international and communications duties. The responsibilities of the specialist are to coordinate and carry out the international exchange and degree student tutor training program in English, planning and implementing communications, marketing and development actions.

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Board games at Dynamo

Next Dynamo on Wed 10 April at 5-7pm at Wärtsilä campus (Dynamo Lounge). Welcome to play some board games!

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