Dynamo evening 22 Oct in Männikköniemi

The next Dynamo evening will be held on 22 Oct at 5pm in Männikköniemi.

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World Mental Health Day

Poka is organizing a raffle. Answer by email (): what are the things that support your mental wellbeing?

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Karelia's championship competition 6 November 2019

It's time for Karelia's first championship competition! Which study field wins with its cooperation skills, problem-solving skills and enthusiasm? Competition is organized by Sports Tutors on Wednesday 6 November at 5:30pm at the backyard of Tikkarinne campus.

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Board games at Dynamo 8 Oct

Tomorrow at Dynamo Evening at Dynamo Lounge in Wärtsilä campus we'll play board games together.

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Lending sport equipment

POKA’s members can lend sport equipments from POKA’s office at Tikkarinne campus.

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1 Oct sport evening organized by sport tutors at outdoor gym

Welcome to outdoor gym with sport tutors 1 Oct at 5pm

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Girls like boys and boys like girls, or do they?

When we were children, we learned a certain pattern. Princess waits for her prince to arrive and playing home there was always mom and dad. Girls like boys and boys like girls.

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Winha and SoleOPS go out of use in November - new system Peppi

A new information system Peppi will be launched on 4 November 2019.

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Sport evenings organized by sport tutors

POKA's new sport evenings organized by sport tutors start 17 Sep at 5pm. Evenings are free for Karelia's students.

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