"A checklist for myself"

Living as a student on subsidies from month to month is exhausting.

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​Excerpt from the diary

Before studying, I lived in Southern Finland with my partner, but that also changed.

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"My day as a marmot"

Again, no one got to know about my floral panties or the sweat-yellowed bra I sat on at the three-hour meeting. At school, I was known as the person who dressed stylishly and put on makeup on daily - or at least that’s how I would characterize myself.

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Well-being for the mind - peer support group

OOTA -project implements in cooperation with the North Karelian Mental Health Association in Support of Crisis Work, and University of Eastern Finland's Stay Active! - students’ wellbeing in summertime -project the “Well-being for the mind” - peer support group for the students University of Karelia Applied Sciences and University of Eastern Finland. The peer support group is only in Finnish.

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OOTA is in for summer!

POKA's OOTA project continues throughout the summer!

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POKA's summer services

Read about POKA's summer services!

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Views from and out of the sandbox

It’s 7.30 when I wake up. I didn’t need alarm clock. I’m usually woken up by the sun, by kids or by my inner clock. Mornings are effective time for me. I would like to switch on my laptop even before the breakfast. READ MORE

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The OOTA summer study circles kick off!

Are you studying summer or language courses in English or do you just want to prep your English skills? POKA's OOTA summer study circles are held in English once a month!

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Results of the Survey on Remote Learning

In this spring, Student union POKA, together with the Association of Finnish Student Unions SAMOK, organized a survey about remote learning. Read the results here!

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Student behind the laundry

Dear diary,what a day...

Do you know when you oversleep when it was your laundry turn? Well, I know.
With my eyes still closed I ran in a hurry to laundry room… Just to notice that the washer was broken.

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