Give feedback! Finnish baseball tournament on Sports Afternoon 6.10.

Anna palautetta! Pesisturnaus liikuntailtapäivänä 6.10.

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On Sports Afternoon 6th of October POKA's NYT project and ISYY's Bridges project organized the Karelia UAS vs UEF Finnish baseball tournament at Kerubi Stadium from 12.15pm-15.00pm. Two matches were played in the tournament: Chill and Serious Business. This form collects feedback about the event for the future. Answering is anonymous and the form closes on 26th of October at 4 p.m.

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Hello you student or staff member of Karelia UAS: Welcome to the joint Karelia UAS vs UEF Finnish baseball tournament, which is part of the Sports Afternoon of the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences!

The tournament will be held on a Sports Afternoon on 6th of October from 12.15 pm to 15.00 pm at the Kerubi Stadium. During the tournament, two matches will be played, the first being a casual "Chill" match and the second a true "Serious Business" match. The teams consist of Karelia and UEF students & staff. Register for either Chill or Serious Business, depending on your skill level. It is also possible to borrow equipment for the match. The winning teams and participants of the games will be awarded.

Registration for the Karelia University of Applied Sciences / POKA team with this form. You can also come and watch the game and cheer your favorite team to win: the audience is also promised prizes. Participation is free for everyone!

The tournament is organized in collaboration by ISYY's BRIDGES -project and POKA's NYT -project. The purpose of both projects is to promote student well-being and community spirit in higher education. The event is organized with help of Joensuu SYKETTÄ University Sports.

Please attend the event only healthy. We bring hand sanitizers and face masks to those who need them.

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