EVVK 21.5.2019

EVVK 21.5.2019

EVVK is about what POKA board has been doing for student affairs and well-being!

Trusteeship cases concerning students

One of POKA’s most important tasks is to take care of the well-being and trusteeship of Karelia UAS students. A few trusteeship cases have come up during spring. And for example POKA’s harassment contact persons have dealt with one of these cases.

Media studies moving to Tikkarinne

Media studies are moving to Tikkarinne campus during summer 2019. Together with media students’ field association Muuvi ry, POKA has answered students’ questions, showed them around Tikkarinne campus and supported students during the transition period.

Sports tutoring pilot is well underway

Sports tutoring is meant for all students of Karelia UAS. Sports tutoring pilot started in April 2019. In the first training session the new tutors discussed the benefits of exercising and how to motivate people to exercise. They were introduced to free sports services and also made action plans for next autumn.

FSHS expands for UAS students

FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) offers health care services for university students. We have participated in meetings regarding the expansion of FSHS together with Karelia. In the meetings we have talked about FSHS units, possible services and availability. POKA participates in these meetings in order to help and inform students about the FSHS expansion.