Student union POKA challenges students, staff and cooperators to do good deeds for UAS' 30th anniversary. We put together a Good Deeds challenge list. You can follow the progress of the challenge on POKA's social media @varmapoka and on Facebook. We encourage others to participate in the challenge and publish posts about good deeds with the hashtag #good4karelia30

Good deeds:

1. We challenge everybody: Do good for yourself, SYKETTÄ body maintenance moment

2. We challenge all students: Do good for student community, follow common ground rules

3. We challenge alumni: Post greetings for Karelia and Karelia's students

4. We challenge everybody: Donate blood at Tikkarinne 16.11.

5. We challenge other student unions: Post greetings with the theme "Proudly an UAS' student"

6. We challenge students: Come to make Christmas card in Into evening on 8.11. for elderly people in Joensuu area

7. We challenge everybody: Let's develop campuses together, More communal break spaces -campus tours

8. We challenge students: Let's study together, POKA provides snack for Karelia's study circles

9. We challenge students: Good for the environments, participate in Karelia's sustainable development working group

10. We challenge VIP students: Ask how others are doing

11. We challenge students: Thank the teacher

12. Thank you Karelia's staff for cooperation, POKA delivers chocolate for Karelia's staffs' coffee rooms

13. POKA donates 100 euros worth of Christmas gifts to Hope ry.

14. We challenge everybody: Clink knitting needles! Let's knit small warm products together for the children's section of Siun sote

15. We challenge everybody: Let's remember to thank cleaners, property caretakers and restaurant workers

16. We challenge everybody: Donate pet food and supplies to the animal protection association

17. We challenge everybody: Let's volunteer together