Karelia's championship competition 6 November 2019

Karelia-amk:n alojen väliset mestaruuskisat 6.11.2019

It's time for Karelia's first championship competition! Which study field wins with its cooperation skills, problem-solving skills and enthusiasm? Competition is organized by Sports Tutors on Wednesday 6 November at 5:30pm at the backyard of Tikkarinne campus.


There will be six different kind of tasks. The study field chooses five participants to every task. Everyone in the team should participate at least in one task. Every task will be revealed after the team have chosen its participants. Study fields will be scored after every task and the field that has the highest amount of high placings will win a trophy and other prizes.


Enroll yourself as a participant of your study field. You don't have to have a team yet. At the beginning of the competition you will be part of the team of your study field. Every study field should have 5-15 students in one team. If a study field has more participants than 15 there will be more than one team carrying the flag for that field. If the study field has less than 5 participants we'll combine two study fields.

SIGN UP WITH THIS FORM until 27th October: https://forms.gle/ZiWYy83eaFQeBJBE8. We'll send you more info by e-mail.

More info also taking contact to