Karelia's equality and diversity plan has been updated

Karelian tasa-arvo- ja yhdenvertaisuussuunnitelma on päivitetty

Thank you for your answers to our previous survey on equality and diversity in late 2021. The results of the survey were submitted to the working group updating the Karelia’s Equality Plan. The updated equality plan is available here.

Equality is one of the highlights of POKA’s Action Plan in 2022. POKA will focus on non-alcoholic activities in its own activities and those organized by tutors. We have also begun to coordinate the activities of students with kids. POKA has taken student feedback forward according to the results of the survey. The feedback has been taken forward e.g. the need for gender-neutral toilets on campuses. We will take feedback to the Restaurant Committee regarding the content and availability of vegan lunch in early 2022. We have taken feedback on the ergonomics of classrooms and will find out how to put this into practice.

Respect for others is the main thing in all of POKA's activities. In 2021, the Code of Conduct for POKA's operations was drafted. You mentioned the zero tolerance for bullying in your answers and it’s also a principle in POKA's operations. If you experience discrimination, harassment or bullying, please feel free to contact our harassment contact persons. In 2022, we will introduce the “Come as You are” sign, which will be reflected in our operations and communications.