Inquiry for Sport Tutoring

Liikuntatuutorointikyselyn vastausten yhteenveto

Summary of the inquiry

Inquiry was published via POKA's Facebook page and via sport tutors. Students were able to answer in Finnish or in English. There were 36 answerers. 78 % of them were 1st year students, 14 % were 2nd year students and 8 % were 3rd year students.

72 % of answerers told that there exercise alone/with family/with friends, 31 % used SYKETTÄ services, 25 % used commercial sport services, 6 % used sports services organized by municipality/other organizations/colleges, and 19 % used other sport services. 17 % of answerers didn't use any sport services and 6 % didn't exercise. Answerers had a chance to choose more than one option.

63 % exercised with their school mates: ball games, jogging, gym, SYKETTÄ classes, bicycling... 37 % didn't exercise with their school mates. Some of them preferred to exercise by themselves, some of them lived far from other students, some of them didn't have close friends at school, some of them didn't have same hobbies...

Answerers were most interested of exercising with their class to develop the good team spirit (69 %), info about free or inexpensive sports (69 %) and free sports organized by sport tutors (69 %).

POKA and SYKETTÄ will use these results for planning next autumn of sport tutoring.