What is it like to be a tutor?

Millaista on olla tuutori?

Sira (from Finnish Business) talks about what it’s like to be a peer tutor:

“Being a tutor is really rewarding, and it’s a nice and fun start to academic year for yourself too! Also, if there is something you wish you had been told in the first year, you can now share important information with the following students. Being a tutor you can also get new friends, and I always like to help everyone, so it's nice that people ask me about things.”

Why apply to become a tutor?
“You should definitely apply to be a tutor, at least for the sake of experience! As a tutor you make new friends, and you don't have to return to the gray everyday life immediately after your vacation, but it’s a little different to start the academic year! Being a tutor is easy and fun and you can come up with great things to do.”

Joona talks about what it’s like to be an exchange student tutor :

"Being an exchange student tutor has been very interesting and different experience to me so far. As an exchange student tutor I've been able to plan many fun events, support exchange students with their arrival to Finland and I've met many new people from very different cultures. Because there are exchange students coming from all over the world, tutoring them is very open-minded and exciting. Being an exchange student tutor requires a little bit of flexibility from the tutor, but I'm glad to help the exchange students however I can. I can imagine how hard it can be to arrive to a strange country and that's why I want to support them, because if I would be in the same situation, any help would be immensely relieving. If you are interested about internationality and networking and you can speak English well enough you should definitely apply to become an exchange student tutor! "

Interested in applying to become a tutor? Application period is on.