What POKA's board decided on its meeting 17.2.?

Mitä hallitus päätti kokouksessaan 17.2.?

POKA's board had a meeting on 17.2. concerning for example events and communication this year.

POKA turns 15 this year. The activities of the anniversary year were planned at the Board meeting.

We decided to organize Inclusion Forums during the spring and autumn. The first Inclusion Forum is coming up in April on the topic of Student Culture. In the Inclusion Forum, participants are involved in discussing and developing POKA’s activities - as a student, you know best what kind of student culture, events and new kind of community you want to be creating in your student community. Other Inclusion Forums are also coming up on the topics of well-being and trusteeship.

We decided to send SAMOK a proposal for a nationwide Student Union podcast series, which would bring trusteeship close to all students in an interesting way.

We decided to set up a separate Instagram account for Into activities. We will inform you more later.

Which decision do you prefer the most?