Mobile student card is here!

Mobiiliopiskelijakortti on täällä!

It’s finally happening! The anticipated mobile student card is here. In order to use it, you must update your social security number and other information to POKA’s member registry. You can safely update your information here: When you log in to the update form, please remember to write your information the same way you have written it in the registry (for example both of your first names or just the first).

We have updated our Privacy Statement. You can read the statement on POKA’s website. You can find it in the “become a member” section ( ).

Once you’ve updated your information, you can download the Pivo app on your phone.

The mobile student card is new, so not all companies with student discounts know about the card. Slowly we will be able to inform companies about the new card. But before that, you should still carry your plastic student card with you (but you should be able to use the mobile student card now while travelling with VR and Matkahuolto).

The timing is difficult, as POKA’s employees are on summer break and will return to work in August. During this time we are unfortunately unable to answer any inquiries. But you can contact us again starting from 12th of August. The plastic student card with a sticker will continue to work in the future the same way it is working now.

Hope you have a nice and relaxing summer!