POKA's offices will be open in January by appointment

POKAn toimistot avoinna ajanvarauksella

POKA's offices will be open in January by appointment. Please contact us one day before your desired time

Tikkarinne Tue-Thu:
Wärtsilä Tue-Thu:

From our office you can:

Please note that we do not accept payments to the office in January, but payments must be made in advance on the POKA or SYKETTÄ website.

Please favor our remote services:

If you do not yet have a student card, you can order one from the POKA’s website. The sticker of autumn 2020 expires at the end of January. You can continue your membership here. SYKETTÄ stickers for spring sesaon 2021 are now on sale on SYKETTÄ online shop, you can participate in live stream sessions both with group exercise and ball sports sticker!

Happy new year 2021!