NYT-project has come to an end.

Se loppu NYT!

The student union POKA’s NYT-project, which started in January 2021, has now been completed. The main aims of the NYT-project were to strengthen students' communality and well-being, reduce experiences of loneliness and support the development of students' life management skills and abilities. The project developed and strengthened POKA's well-being work to support students, especially during the corona period, but also to look to the future and the well-being of the students.

During the NYT-project, diverse activities were produced for free time Into activities, as well as various community events and study circle activities Students were encouraged to participate in a variety of themed free time activities, such as IntoSport quizzes and board games, IntoSport’s diverse sports offering or IntoAfter’s online games. The self-study week in the spring and the summer time were taken into account separately, and the project made it possible to organize activities during these holiday periods as well. The activities were open to all students of Karelia University of Applied Sciences and the activities were planned and developed according to the students' wishes during the project. POKA's Discord server served as a platform for remote communality and was developed during the project to serve students even more diverse in the form of various channels and activities. In addition, the NYT-project and Joensuu SYKETTÄ University Sports Services published a set in social media which presented free SYKETTÄ services for students.

No one alone could have achieved such results and volumes of activity - peer tutors, sports tutors, VIP-students and other active POKA’s actors played a major role in POKA's NYT-project. Close cooperation with the services of Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Joensuu SYKETTÄ University Sports Services also enabled a well-functioning welfare network to support the well-being of students and the progress of their studies through the project. The NYT-project would like to warmly thank all the cooperation networks that worked during the project and everyone involved in the project. Together we have achieved so much!

Karelia University of Applied Sciences' student union POKA wants to continue the welfare work aimed at students after the end of the NYT-project. The main themes of POKA's 2022 action plan are the well-being of students and the promotion of community spirit. Reducing the experience of loneliness is also important in the well-being work of the student union. The feedback from the final survey of the NYT-project will be used as part of the operational planning, and several of the practices identified in the NYT-project will be incorporated into POKA's operations and action plan. In addition, POKA sees that the welfare work of student unions nationwide will also be a growing part of the work area of student unions.

Please, let’s continue the NYT-project's slogan and the idea of action in the future: let’s continue to see each other - the community is built by the work of each of us. <3