Do good on Valentine's Day! SOKO's safety tentacle collection

Tee hyvää ystävänpäivänä! SOKOn turvalonkerokeräys

POKA's division of social services SOKO is collecting crocheted safety tentacles for the prematurely born babies at the North Carelia Central Hospital. The collection boxes can be found on POKA's Wärtsilä and Tikkarinne office, and you can find the instructions for making the safety tentacles here.

These octopuses are crocheted for babies that were born prematurely. The reason is the tentacles, something safe that a little hand can hold on to. Babies have the need to grab something, and in an incubator there is always the danger that little hands grab a tube that's there to help them grow stronger. With a little octopus by their side, preemies can hold on to something safe.