All students of Karelia University of Applied Sciences are recommended join to Student Union POKA. The membership is verified by the student ID card with a current term tag, which entitles to considerable benefits in travelling (reduced prices in long distance buses and trains, hotels, hostels),restaurants (also on meal prices at the campus cafeterias), shopping, culture,sports etc. both locally and nationwide.

Members have the right to vote in the election of representatives, partake in decision making as a member of the council of representatives or executive board.


The membership for one academic year or term costs EUR 25 and extra EUR 6 will debited to cover the card printing costs.


To join you need to fill in the membership form and pay the fee directly with your credit card or in cash/with a payment card at POKA's office when picking up the student ID card. The delivery to the office takes about 2 weeks from order.

The terms of granting the student card

You are entitled to the POKA student ID card when
1) You are a bachelor or a master's student at Karelia UAS
2) You have enrolled yourself as present for the semester/academic year
3) You join as a member in your student union POKA