POKA looks after your interests

For students, by students

POKA is the student union of Karelia University of Applied Sciences. POKA represents all students at Karelia UAS, protects their interests, and works on matters concerning education and social welfare. In addition to trusteeship, POKA offers Karelia UAS degree students a student card, various events, free time activities called Into and tutoring. POKA also offers sports classes through SYKETTÄ Sports Services.

Students of Karelia UAS can join POKA, and POKA's members can run for POKA's board or Council of Representatives, infographic.

Not just a club

Student union POKA is an organization whose main purpose is to provide trusteeship to the students of Karelia UAS, and whose membership is open to Karelia UAS degree and exchange students. Student union POKA chooses the student representatives to Karelia UAS’ board and workgroups to make sure the student voice will be heard at Karelia UAS, as well as communally and nationally. POKA looks after the students’ interests nationally by cooperating with other student organizations and societies. The student union’s status is based on Finnish law.