International tutoring, ITU

Tutors support international students

The tutoring of Karelia UAS students is organized by POKA. The international tutors (ITU) support Karelia UAS’ international students as they settle in their new home and study environment.

International tutoring offers the tutors a chance to develop language skills, improve presentation and organization skills, as well as the possibility for internationalisation at home. Annually there are between 80 and 100 exchange students from various study programs studying at Karelia UAS.

International tutors' tasks

There are two types of international tutors: exchange student tutors, and degree student tutors for the students of International Business and Industrial Management. The tasks for exchange and degree student tutors differ a bit.

Exchange student tutors focus on helping the incoming exchange students with practical matters, in addition to offering support and help in studies throughout the exchange students’ stay. Exchange students arrive at Karelia UAS twice a year, so the exchange student tutors get new tutees twice per academic year. Degree student tutors are peer tutors for the International Business and Industrial Management degree students, and they support and help the first year degree students throughout the academic year.

Applying as an international tutor

POKA recruits and trains international tutors once a year, and the training takes place during spring and late summer before the academic year starts. The application period is the same as the peer tutors’, and it will be announced on our social media channels and our website. The tutors will be selected based on an interview.

POKA’s is in charge of international tutoring, and they coordinate with POKA’s board member responsible for international affairs.